‘All of us cannot manifest at the same time’- How to make your purpose count (5)

“The fastest means to success is purpose”

By Sunday Orodiran

A friend of mine called in few days ago to inform me that he got a better job after many years of waiting and trying. This testimony made me to remember what one of my bosses told me. He graduated from university in 2003 and got his first job in 2015. If my calculation is right, his first job came 12years after. He told me this not to scare me, but for me to prepare and learn that time and patience win life after all.

Some of us are not ready to work with the frame of time and be patient enough to wait for what time will give us. All of us cannot manifest at the same time. We all have our season and time of manifestation. Some will get to their peak earlier than others, while some will have to wait till later time. Within that time frame, we need to learn to know, to wait and be patient. We don’t need to be in a hurry, we don’t need to force it. We need to enjoy our time of waiting. We don’t have to get tired. We need to keep our hope alive and keep pressing forward. No matter how far it is, if you keep hanging on long enough, your day will come.

Jack Ma, the owner of one of the largest online markets (Alibaba) hit his jackpot after several years of trials and waiting, while, Mark Zukarberg, the founder of Facebook got his boom in his 20s. So, learn to wait for your time and never give up.

Some of us are not ready to work with the frame of time and be patient enough to wait for what time will give us. All of us cannot manifest at the same time. We all have our season and time of manifestation. 

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Today we are glad to continue from where we stopped in our last edition: Make Your Time Count. And in this chapter we have been considering the topic: Make Your Purpose Count. If you have missed any of our previous messages and you are keen to benefit from them, just kindly get in touch with us through our contact details and we shall attend to you in a jiffy.

Don’t forget we are on how to identify our purpose:

  1. Explore What Comes Easy to You:

There is an assurance that we have to learn very hard to do many things in life, but there are few things that come easily to us. I have observed men well enough to know that some of us struggle in some aspects of life while some of us do not. I remember, how it was difficult for some of my friends to be in my secondary school football team. They loved to be on the field, few of them learned the skills to be a football player and got it right. I belong to this category. I learned soccer, it’s not my natural ability to play football. But I had a classmate, Hammed by name, everyone loved to see him play always. While some of us would have to struggle to keep our heads on the ground to engage our skills while playing, Hammed impressed people with his natural football talent. It comes easily to him always.

The same way you have to focus on what comes easily to you when you are trying to figure out your purpose in life. We are all born with some skills to do few things easily. I discovered, I would ever struggle if I chose football as a career. Though, I can learn well and do well in it but I will never be my natural self. Things that come easily to you might be some signals to your purpose in life. Please, look at your life and ask yourself this question: What comes easy for me? Your answer(s) to that question will help you find your purpose.

You are a man of purpose, all you need doing is to figure out what yours is. Just stay tune to us every week as we try to unleash factors that will help you find your purpose. You shall succeed.

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