Be magnetic 2: Why surrounding yourself with the right people is key to your success

By Sunday Orodiran

You are welcome to another edition of our series. This is a new chance, a new gift from God to make things happen in your life.

Your life will experience better things in Jesus name. In reference to our previous discussion, we have established that our community is a brand network, and we need to join this network to get to the top.

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Today, we shall move on to identify people who build wrong networks. The law of attraction is a very sensitive one. You need to learn and become expert in it. Some people attract but they attract negative people. What does it mean to attract wrong people? When a man gets the attention of people who cannot help his destiny, he
is said to have attracted wrong people.

When your friends are simply the set of people that will only pull your destiny down, you have selected wrong connection.

Some of us are like that. We fail to understand that we are influenced by two most important things; what we learn and people around us. The kind of life you build
depends on the kind of people in your circle.

It is hard to be positive when you have negative people around you. You are an output from the influence of the people around you. In our world, we have people who choke our destiny, people who are not contributing to our growth, people who sow evil seeds to our lives every day, people who discourage our confidence to grow, people who tell us that life does not worth living, people who believe in mediocrity and people who tell us that life is all about drinking, womanizing, stealing public funds, terrorizing the society etc. When you are with such people, you are in a wrong connection.

It is hard to be positive when you have negative people around you. You are an output from the influence of the people around you.

Dear, no matter how great your purpose may be, when you find yourself around one of the sets of people mentioned above, your greatness becomes weak. You are to get into the right connection to be successful in life.Your cup must be filled with good wine.

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You must drink from the influence of good friends, people of great purpose and focus. Your life must attract people that can lift you. You must anchor yourself to successful people to be successful. The real secret is this, nobody will help you to select or deselect people in your world, You will do it yourself.

It is your responsibility to attract people you want. You have a choice to evict some attentions you don’t need in your life. You can start today to attract right people with right understanding.

Network yourself to the right direction. Your life depends on the kind of network you build. Be like a magnetic that attracts selected materials alone. Don’t hang around those friends who always tell you that it doesn’t matter. Go out and build a great network.

Someone will ask, how can I attract good people? That is the point of our next discussion… Your life is great and you must be great. THANKS

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