Computer village, Mile 12… 7 top markets every Lagosian must visit

By Genevieve Aningo

Based on location, a market is a place where goods and services are exchanged for money and value. In Africa, the local markets are still a big avenue for buying and exchanging goods. 

Despite emerging online markets, the physical ones are still highly sought-after in Nigeria for several reasons. One of such is that goods or services are relatively cheaper because they are sold in large quantities. 

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In Lagos state, the economic hub of the nation, there are a plethora of local markets that are known universally due to the bulk volume of buying and selling that occur in them.  In fact, online vendors depend on these markets to stock their online shops, as well as boutique, malls and supermarkets in highbrow areas.

If you reside in Lagos state and you haven’t visited three out of these mega local markets; perhaps you should question your residency status. This is because the goods sold in these markets are necessities and to make a great bargain, you should have unless you are among the ‘journey just come’.

  1. Mile 12

There is no better place to buy your foodstuff than mile 12 market especially as food inflation has surged up to 20.6% as of the month of June. Mile 12 is the largest food market in lagos state. It is located off Ikorodu road.  The market is ridden with various food stuffs from all the tribes and states in Nigeria. If you are nostalgic of a native meal, be sure to find the rare food ingredient.  Common Nigerian foodstuff staples such as beans, rice , yam, tomatoes, beans are sold at the cheapest price and when you buy in bulk, it feels like you  own a farm!

2. Balogun market

Balogun market may be the leaning support to your most fancy boutique in your vicinity.  This is because; the market is mostly for fashion items. Imported clothes and clothes produced in other states within the country are sold in wholesale and in retail budgets. The market is located at the heart of Lagos island. During festive seasons, the market population of person’s visiting the market tops because of the need to buy new clothes, shoes, bags and other fashion apparels to celebrate the season.  

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Aside from fashion goods, the market has a significant sub-region of markets within it for provisions, packaged foods and grocery needs.

3. Alaba International Market

Far away in Ojo local government of Lagos state is the Alaba international market; the largest electronic market in Nigeria.  Alaba International is the home to all new household and commercial electronic appliances, phone gadgets, office furniture, bathroom accessories, refrigerators, air conditioners, television etc. Alaba international market is the best market if you are furnishing, refurbishing a house or office outlets. Be certain to buy top global electronic brands at cheaper or wholesale rates in this market.

4. Epe Fish Market

Unless you are a lover of fish and seafood, you may not have visited this market. The Epe Fish market, just like its name, is solely for the selling and buying of fresh fish. Most persons who visit this market are hoteliers, restaurants, dieticians and caterers who have a growing audience that consume exotic fish variants.   The Epe fish market is located in Epe beside. Some fish are purchased as point and kill. Common fish variants such as catfish and other wild game such as snails, tortoises and alligators are regular sales.

5. Computer village

Computer village is the biggest technology market in Nigeria and Africa. The market is situated at Ikeja, Lagos for anyone interested in repairing and buying phones, computers and getting their accessories.  Be at alert and if possible do a price survey before visiting the computer village to avoid fraud or being duped.

6. Idumota market

Another famous market on the island part of lagos is the idumota or Eko market. The market is home for fabrics such as lace, plain materials and basic needs ranging from books to provisions all in bulk sales.  Like most Lagos mega markets, the Idumota market is mostly rowdy and over populated. Both buyers and sellers are to be at alert to avoid loss of valuable items.

7. Tejuosho market

Tejuosho market is a perfect to locate gold sellers and other jewelries.  It is spotted in Ojuelegba in Yaba. 

Aside from, ornaments, locally produced wear like tie and dye and upholstery goods the market sells other staple goods of the Nigerian culture.  Presently, the Tejuosho has been transformed to an Ultra-Modern Shopping Centre which makes it more organized than previously when the market was hampered with disorderliness.  

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