COVID-19: The Way Out

 COVID-19: The Way Out
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By Wilfred Aziegbe

Unarguably, the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic greeted the world with adverse economic, health, social and political impact.

The seemingly overwhelming economic impact occasioned by the nearly four weeks lockdown imposed by the federal government in Lagos, Ogun and the Federal Capital Territory has no doubt brought untold hardship and difficulty upon most citizens who are largely independent of the government for their income and daily sustenance.

With the rising number of confirmed COVID-19 cases being reported across the country in spite of commendable efforts by the NCDC and the health sector, there is therefore the urgent need for the FG to explore alternative approach to effectively address this situation.

Relaxation of the imposed lockdown at this point is just the approach regardless of dissenting opinions. Hence, the following is recommended to address our local circumstance and to save our nation from impending economic doom and outright breakdown of law and order.

Government at all levels should be more transparent and extend palliatives to all Nigerians in cash through bank accounts. This is a more efficient and transparent way to reach more Nigerians whose sources of income have been cut off especially workers in the private sector whose jobs are currently being threatened by the lingering lockdown.

Immediate disinfections of our cities, streets, villages should begin. Spray disinfectant tanks should be distributed and trained personnel dispatched to all nook and crannies. The use of face mask for all outdoor movements should be enforced strictly in all public gatherings.

Immediate law to regulate the operation of the public transportation sector should be put in place and strict compliance monitored to ensure that vehicles are not overloaded, with windows open and the use of air condition prohibited for the time being.

Strict compliance to physical distancing should be enforced and monitored in all private business premises. The use of face mask for the time being by staff, security operatives and all front desk workers should be enforced in all sectors for the time being.

Supervised entry and exit points should be created in markets to control crowd. Hand washing points should be installed.

Adequate media advocacy should be embarked upon to promote these aforementioned recommendations in both print and electronic media.

Wilfred Aziegbe writes from Abuja.

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  • Very educative Bro.
    Covid-19 will not only affect private sector but also job search cutting across every employed folks out there, cos life after this lockdown would be so terrific, companies will fold up, retrenchment and downsizing. The only ones with a guaranteed positions now are government workers; all private organisations staff are not safe! Make God no shame us

  • Nice suggestion, the government should stop playing politics with this virus, the strength of our health sector has been put to trial and we have failed woefully, a country of more than 200 million and up till now we’ve not been able to test up to 50 thousand.
    When the oil boom was on we couldn’t fix our health sector, is it now that garri is more expensive than oil that we would fix it, because of politics ministry of health was put under the ministry of agriculture,,,,

    I weep for my country

  • Well said my brother,Nigeria is really headed for the rocks.better tomorrow I pray.

  • Very well said. It is pitiable that in the face of this world wide pandemic; most Nigerians have turned the current situation into a business venture, thereby exploiting the poor masses. I keep asking myself when we will isolate politics from matters that affect lives. God will help us.

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