Ehanire: We’ll consider use of traditional medicine for COVID-19 treatment

The Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire, has revealed the federal government may consider the use of traditional medicine in the treatment of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Speaking on Tuesday at the press conference of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, the minister was to ensure federal government explore available alternatives in ongoing efforts to find a vaccine for the virus.

He said: “We will look into every assertion. Some people say they have herbs and some others say they have concoctions. Only for those that are serious, the department of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine in the ministry of health will look into their claims and we will not throw away any suggestion.

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“The efficacy and efficiency of these medicines have to be proven first before it is recommended for people to take.”

Ehanire said the government has also tried several options, adding such trials would reviewed continually until a breakthrough in search of vaccine for the treatment of the novel disease.

“The same goes for hydroxychloroquine. It had been found in some tests to work outside the body, that is ‘in vitro testing’, but the chloroquine that people can swallow needs to be tested to see if it works the same way with the one taken outside the body,” he said.

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