Emmanuella, Amarachidance, DJ Young Money…Meet Nigeria’s top 10 richest kids

By Victor Akuma

Before now, fame and wealth are not pronounced among children in most parts of the world. It’s either you’re a politician, a music superstar or leader of a reputable firm to command huge fan base in the society.

But many Nigerian kids are changing the status quo — rising from relative obscurity to unprecedented prominence at a young age.

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While some of these kids might well be fortunate because of their rich backgrounds, others from relatively low families are  also defying the odds. The likes of Amarachi Uyanne, a dancer, Emmanuella Samuel, a comedienne and Marylove Edward, a tennis star are clear-cut evidences of the latter.

Below is a list of Nigeria’s top 10 richest kids:

  1. Muhammed Lawal Mustapha

Lawal, popular known as Mompha Junior, is the son of Ismaila Mustapha, a famous Nigerian businessman.

There’s no clear picture of what this kid actually does for a living but his father’s net worth which stands at about $500 million has greatly been attributed to him according to sources. Little wonder the family’s luxurious lifestyle.

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Mompha Junior is believed to be his father’s sensation as he often floods his Instagram page with pictures of the son flaunting some cash.

  1. DJ Young Money

DJ Young Money is a talented Nigeria based Disc Jockey (DJ). He is arguably the most talented DJ among kids of his age.

At 11, the young Nigerian is already counting his millions through his different contracts and performances.

Reports have it that in 2016, DJ Young Money signed a deal with K-Nation Entertainment as the in-house DJ of the Label. The young lad’s net worth stands at N20 million.

  1. Ozzy Bosco

Ozzy Bosco is a Nigerian singer whose estimated net worth has reached over $150,000 according to austinemedia.com. Ozzy composes his own songs, performs on stage and records his songs too. A wonder-kid!

  1. Amarachi Uyanne

Popularly known as Amarachidance, this 14-year-old is another Nigeria sensational singer and dancer.

In 2012, Amarachi won the Nigeria’s Got Talent award and was given a cash prize of N10 million. Since then, the gifted Nigerian has released several songs and musical videos including the one she did with Nigeria’s popular artiste, Phyno. Amarachi’s net worth is estimated at about $100.000.

  1. Emmanuella Samuel

Emmanuella is one name that rings a bell in Nigeria’s comedy industry. This kid is reportedly the richest kid comedian in the country.

She started her YouTube skits several years ago, and her videos became extremely popular. She is famous across Nigeria and is believed to have a role in an upcoming Disney movie. Her net worth is estimated at approximately 25 million Naira, nearly $70,000, according to thewealthcircle.com

  1. Ify Ufele

Ify is a young Nigerian designer. She has shown her passion and talent for fashion design when she only turned 7 years old. Her interesting works were demonstrated at New York Fashion Week. Ify lives in the United States of America but she loves being inspired by African culture. Her net worth is estimated at N10 million.

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  1. Ahmed StarBoy

12-year-old Ahmed is a lover of rap music. The talented Nigerian received his first earning from the record label he was signed to by Wizkid. His contract is impressive as he received 10 million Naira in cash to begin his career. Thus, his estimated net worth is around $28,000 according to tvcontinental.tv.

  1. Segun Wire

Segun got his rays of fame after creating a viral video of himself where he declared how much he wished to turn into a Yahoo boy in the future. He became a media sensation and pretty popular in Nigeria afterwards. Some sites, including moss9ja.com, reports that his net worth now is approximately $25,000

  1. Destiny Boy

Afeez Adesina better known as Destiny Boy became famous after doing a cover of Davido’s song ‘IF’. His talent and hardworking character helped him get promoted in the pop-music industry in Nigeria. At 14, Afeez’s net worth is estimated at about $18,000 based.

  1. Marylove Edwards

Marylove is an impressive tennis player whose fame is rising unprecedentedly. Born in 2005, Marylove has won trophies from nearly every Junior Tennis Championship she takes part in.

She is believed to be the next tennis star in and outside the country. In 2017, she ranked 4th on the list released by Nigeria Tennis Federation for women singles. Marylove’s net worth is at about $15,000. According to moss9ja.com.

These kids have truly become sources of challenge to youths who have relegated their talents for frivolities. This should be a clarion call on all youths to brace up and fan their talents to fame again. Who knows, it might be their only route to greatness.


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