Five reasons youths should consider skill acquisition alongside school certificates

 Five reasons youths should consider skill acquisition alongside school certificates

By Adegoke Awau

In contemporary times, opportunities abound in several aspects of life. However, only those who are prepared — either in terms of having the requisite skills or qualifications — can fit in.

This sums up this article. Unarguably, youthful age is the most crucial phase of life. Mistakes made at this stage can make or mar one’s entire life.

Youths posses the physical abilities to execute tasks at the speed of light and take risks. It is the stage one can acquire virtually anything one sets his/ her mind on; an age of infinite possibilities.

It is therefore imperative that as a youth, you should be well prepared to leverage on the opportunities that lurk around during this phase of you life.

One common mistake among some youths is the perception that certificate is the only ultimate means to success. For those in this school of thought, skill acquisition is almost irrelevant.

But if present realities are anything to go by, then youths must strive to get both.

There are lots of benefits inherent in acquiring skills while pursuing one’s academic certificate.

Simply put, skill acquisition is the act of having a well profound knowledge in a particular field. It could be soft skill or hard skill.

In today’s world, certificates alone are no longer enough. Companies prefer a skilled employee with practical knowledge of the required roles to one with mere theoretical grasp.

This is why you have to bridge the gap  between the two if you want to achieve that desired ambition of yours.

Here are five reasons youths should consider skill acquisition alongside certificates.

The first benefit of acquiring a skill is that it helps in achieving one’s dream and shape the person better. Skill acquisition brings confidence and encourages reliance on oneself.

Secondly, having a skill gives you an edge over others. With a good skill, one has the opportunity to either work independently or work with a public or private organisation after school.

Thirdly, skill acquisition alongside one’s certificate provides for extra income, which in very important in today’s world.

Fourthly, acquiring a skill liberates a youth from a sudden need for money. This creates a responsible mind.

And lastly, acquiring a skill while in school facilitates the need to think fast after graduating from school. This gets a youth busy with his/her area specialisation in skill or academics, rather than walking up and down the street searching for a white-collar job.

In addition, skill acquisition helps to reduce unemployment, crime rate among others. And this will again help to reduce the dependence on one’s parents for all needs and set one to be independent.

From the foregoing, there is no gainsaying that learning a skill while pursuing one’s certificate is of great benefit to the youth. While this might seem hard to achieve, you have to learn how to combine both.

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