Five Things All The Real Housewives of Abuja Have in Common

The Real Housewives of Abuja is the latest addition to The Real Housewives franchise in Nigeria. The show follows the lives of six affluent women living in the Nigerian capital city, Abuja. Despite their different backgrounds and personalities, all of the housewives have a few things in common.

They are all successful businesswomen

Whether they own their own companies or have high-level positions in established firms, The Real Housewives of Abuja are all financially independent and have built successful careers. For a serial entrepreneur like OJ Posharella, running a business is second nature while Comfort Booth maintains a thriving law career.

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They all have a passion for fashion

From designer handbags and shoes to high-end jewellery and couture dresses, these women love to dress to impress, and they never disappoint. For Arafa, OJ Posharella, and Samantha, their love for fashion extended into building thriving fashion houses and brands.

They all have a love for luxury

Whether it’s a private jet, a fancy car, or a luxurious vacation home, The Real Housewives of Abuja enjoy the finer things in life, and we are here to enjoy watching them enjoy their lives. 

In conclusion, the ladies on The Real Housewives of Abuja are all successful and accomplished women who share similar interests and values, but also bring their own unique personalities and perspectives to the show.

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