Five things to consider before quitting your job

 Five things to consider before quitting your job

Quitting your job is often a difficult decision to take for people across the world. Only a few do it with glee.

The thought of leaving a job that brings food to one’s table and provides for the family is scary and therefore must be carefully considered.

Whether you hate the job or the job isn’t worth your living any longer or you are at the edge of being fired, quitting requires a holistic approach to avoid regret.

It is therefore imperative to know some steps to take when you’re on the verge of quitting your job.

  1. You must have something to fall back on

Having something to fall back on is key when considering quitting a job. It is not ideal to leave a job and start all over again. This will likely bring about depression or even suicide as we have seen in some cases. If you are yet to get something to fall back on yet, it is better to plan well or hang on a bit on the job before calling it quits — except when such a job becomes a threat to you.

While managing your current job, you can be doing other things to boost your income and prepare yourself for the next phase.

2. Be intentional about quitting the job

Employees do complain a lot when they realise their pay is not enough to sustain them. They start to pick on minor things such as the weather of the day, how slow the week is, and how the boss corrects or addresses them on some issues.

Even if one has all the reasons in the world to quit, it important to do it for the right course. The best thing to do is to juxtapose your opinions and make sure you’re leaving for the right reason — not resigning for petty reasons.

3. Let your employer be aware of your decision

Having a heart-to-heart conversation with your boss can be a great way to solve your problem.

There is a good chance that your fears can be conquered if you open up to your boss, especially if such a boss is considerate and appreciates the value you bring to the organisation.

If it’s about salary raise, your employer can effortlessly help by increasing your pay or linking you up with a better job.

4. Understand how you spend

If you have ever considered quitting your job, then you must make saving a lifestyle.

Generally, saving is key in life — whether you’re quitting your job or not. It largely determines how far you go in life. The fact that you are quitting your job even makes saving more important for you.

Therefore, you must have a good saving culture before considering leaving that job.

Don’t just quit

Your reputation should be of great concern to you when quitting your job. You must follow the required protocol for resignation in the organisation.

This is because sustaining good relationship is crucial in life. Therefore, carrying your employer and co-workers along about your decision to resign is the best leave the organisation on a happy note.

Protocols for resignation may differ from one company to another, whichever one your company’s protocol is, try and review it.

Your own organisation might require that you submit your resignation letter within a certain time and state your reasons for quitting the company.

Leaving on a good note might eventually turn out to be a blessing in the future.

By Adegoke Awau

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