“I used to be a sex machine before…but now my manhood dies as soon as I am with a woman,” 48-yr-old man recounts how he became impotent after his girlfriend jilted him

For Zecharia Makgwala, 48, having Salphina as a girlfriend was his greatest mistake. In every relationship, the two sides involved are expected to benefit mutually.

But not in Makgwala and Salphina’s case.

The 48-year-old man alleged that her girlfriend did not only made away with all he had after dumping him, but also with his greatest weapon as a man: his ability to make love to a woman.

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According to him, he used to be a “sex machine” in bed before his girlfriend left him five years ago.

His words: “She said she was tired of me because I wasn’t working and at times, I asked her for money. She then took all my furniture, her clothes, and my manhood.

“She told me she would make sure that I never slept with anyone again.”

He alleged that since then, all his relationships haven’t been working out.

He added: “My manhood dies as soon as I am with a woman.

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“I am as good as useless. I found a new girl, but I’m scared of being hurt again. I’ll wait until I fix my problem.”

But when contacted by Daily Sun, Salphina, denied the allegation, saying Makgwala’s claim of her “locking” his penis was untrue.

Asked her reaction to Makgwala’s claim, she said: “I dumped him because he was abusive. He used to beat me up. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I left.

“I don’t give money to a stupid man like him. I’m a security officer struggling to raise children. How would I be able to pay a sangoma?”

In southern Africa, a sangoma is a traditional healer or diviner.


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