Insecurity: Drop shame and beg US, UK, China for help… don’t you embark on medical tourism? Okon Lagos tackles FG

Ime Bishop Umoh, the Nollywood actor better known as Okon Lagos, has advised the federal government to ask the international community for help in tackling insecurity in the country.

The entertainer spoke on the widespread in Nigeria in a video on his Instagram page.

Okon Lagos said the government should “stop pretending all is well” and beg the UK, China and other countries for help.

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According to him, recent happenings in Nigeria are indications that the country alone can no longer deal decisively with the level insecurity confronting it.

“Nigeria is helplessly drowned in insecurity. Our leaders are pretending that all is well. International community abeg force help on us if u must oooo,” he said.

“There’s nothing shameful in this world going to your elder brothers in the global community and telling them please come and help me, I cannot help myself. There’s nothing shameful about it.

“We know that we cannot protect and defend ourselves, why don’t we go and look for help from other countries?

“What is shameful there to tell America or Britain or China… anyone to help us…we cannot solve our insecurity problem, be humble. Why do we fly out to treat ourselves in the UK, are you not ashame?”

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The comedian also called on the international community to weigh into the situation in the country to avoid a major crisis, which he said, could affect the rest of the world.

“As for international communities, you’re seeing what is happening in the country at the moment, una dey do e no concern me, someday e go concern…if there’s war in this country, where are you going to house 200 million displaced Nigerians…,” he added.

“Where will the world accommodate us, so please take us seriously, if our government say we don’t need help, force it on us, we need it. see what happened in Syria that’s not up to our population during the unrest there.”

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