Mahmoud Jibril, Pape Diouf, Ellis Marsalis Jr. … Top figures who’ve died of COVID-19

By Victor Akuma

The dawn of the novel Covid-19 epidemic in nations across the globe has been a nightmare, tormenting the high and mighty, breaking through all defined caste and status.

Here are world’s notable figures and celebrities who have suffered death as a result of health complications developed from to the dreaded Coronavirus.

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Mahmoud Jibril

Jibril was former Libyan Prime Minister and head of National Forces Alliance of the Libyan Federation. He died on April 5th 2020, from health complications related to the coronavirus at the age of 67.

Jibril was the head of the NATO-supported opposition government that overthrew Muammar Gaddafi’s 40-year long rule in 2011.

Pape Diouf

Diouf was the former president of Olympique de Marseille. He died on March 31st at the age of 68 from the pandemic.

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Diouf was the first black president of a top-tier European club. The French football club confirmed his death in a statement on Twitter.

Radomir Antic

The Serbian has reportedly passed away on 7th of April, at the age of 71.

Antic had been instrumental in helping Real Madrid salvage the 1990-1991 season despite being seventh at the time of Radomir’s appointment. The Whites finished third and secured UCL spot.

Dolors Sala Carrió

Dolors, the mother of Manchester City coach has died of the virus in Manresa, Barcelona at the age of 82.

Her death was announced on the club’s Twitter handle on April 6.

Adam Schlesinger

Schlesinger was a Grammy, Tony, Oscar, and Emmy nominated musician and songwriter. He died on 1st April at the age of 52 from health complications related to the coronavirus.

Schlesinger won an Emmy for his work on “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” He also co-founded the pop band “Fountains of Wayne.”

Sergio Rossi

Rossi is a renowned women’s shoemaker, she died April 2nd at the age of 84 from health complications related to the coronavirus.

In March, CNN reports that his company had announced it would be donating over $100,000 and pledging all of its online sales to the fight against COVID-19.

Personalities like Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift are amongst some of his admirers.

Li Wenliang

Li Wenliang, a Chinese doctor who tried to warn medics of the novel coronavirus and contracted it while treating patients in Wuhan, China. He died of the virus on February 7.

Ellis Marsalis Jr.

Marsalis died of Coronavirus on 1st April at the age of 85.

He was a pianist who led a late 20th-century revival in jazz music.

Terrence McNally

McNally was a playwright. He was seen taking pictures on 2nd March 2020 and was reported dead of the novel pandemic three weeks after.

Forrest Compton

Compton is an actor known for his role in the soap opera “Edge of the Night.” He died on 5th April at the age of 94 from health complications related to Coronavirus.

Compton attended Yale Drama School and served in World War II.

Lee Fierro

It was reported on 5th April that Fierro, an actress best known for her role in “Jaws,” had died at the age of 91 from health complications related to the coronavirus.

Fierro played Mrs. Kintner, the mother that slapped Chief Brody, played by Roy Scheider, across the face in the iconic 1975 film.

Patricia Bosworth

Bosworth is a Hollywood actress who wrote bestselling biographies about Marlon Brando, Jane Fonda, and Montgomery Clift. She died on 3rd April at the age of 86 from the Covid-19 virus.

Bosworth co-starred with Audrey Hepburn in “The Nun’s Story” in 1959.

Bucky Pizzarelli

Jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli, a prominent figure in the 70s New York music scene, died of health complications related to the coronavirus at 94 on April 1.

James T. Goodrich

James T. Goodrich, a neurosurgeon who was a pioneer in separating conjoined twins, died of health complications related to the coronavirus at 73 on March 30. Goodrich first became prominent in 2004 for operating on twins who shared significant amounts of brain tissue.

Lorena Borjas

Lorena Borjas, a transgender immigrant activist who turned her home in New York into an HIV clinic died of health complications related to the coronavirus at 59 on March 30.

Manu Dibango

Manu Dibango, the jazz musician behind “Soul Makossa,” a track that has been sampled by Michael Jackson and Kanye West, died of health complications related to the coronavirus at 86 on March 24.

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