No sex, be a different kind of girl … Four tips you need to date a celebrity

By Euphemia Nwele

Celebrities and high-profile people are people who are delicate, they are normal human beings just like everyone else but they come with fame and reputation. Dating people like this requires special care and tactics, Chioma for one needs to mind the kind of things she does because she is the wife of Davido.

Celebrities get things as they want, they have girls trooping over them craving for their attention so when they take a liking for you or when you want to get their attention there are things you should do.

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Be a different kind of girl: One thing you need to know about wealthy men is that women have spoilt them so you do not have to add to the list of women who would do that for them. Buying Wizkid a car would not get his attention to you.

It won’t.

You need to be different from the everyday girl he sees. If you like him – do not show it, do not throw yourself at him, if he offers to take you home in his car decline nicely – show interest but decline. That would get his attention.

Do not call him: Don’t pick his calls immediately and only return his call after he must have called thrice. If at your first meeting he gives you his card to call him tell him you cannot take it, that you do not call guys but then leave yours with him and tell him to call you. Make sure you are always the first to drop the call but do it politely.

No sex: Be sure you do not sleep with him. He has girls flocking around him and wanting to kiss the ground he walks on. As such, do not fall into his arms as that will not keep him, he would walk out of the door.

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Be busy: Make sure you have something you do. Men like these are attracted to girls who do not want them for their money. So, when he offers to take you for lunch, decline telling him you are busy but that you could do dinner or brunch the day after. Keep yourself busy with something.

He has girls flocking around him and wanting to kiss the ground he walks on.

These few tips are things you should have at the tip of your fingers if you want to date a celebrity, but also be sure you are doing it for the right reasons and be sure you can handle the responsibility that such lifestyle brings your way. “With fame comes responsibility “.

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