Our Gate, Our Cemetery

By Onyekere Ifeanyi Mandela

As a Nigerian, you must have come to understand how to make jokes with every issue including those that pose threats to life.

This is a ‘pain-killer’ attitude; a survival mechanism, a fruit yielding from decades of preachings to hope and trust tomorrow. Is there anything wrong with that?

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There’s no week that passed by without a saga; one that has direct effect on people’s lives and well-being. Yes, people lose their lives each time it happened. We burry these people and we burry the saga too. Just two different cemeteries. One of them: social media. And when we burry them, we have solved the problem immediately we mount ‘gates’ on them.

Could you please remind me where we buried the Deziani-gate? The NNPC-gate? What about Dasuki-gate? You recall the fuel-subsidy-gate? Farouk-Lawan-gate, Police-pension-fund-gate, Stella-Oduah-Bullet-proof-car-gate…They now seem decades ago.

“And the punishments for these cases: NONE.”

“And the punishments for these cases: NONE.”

Recently, fresh ‘gates’ were opened again. Babachir Lawal-grass-cutting gate. Maina-pension-fund-gate. NIA’s Ikoyi-cash-gate. Some believe we’d have had Buhari-gate has the amount spent in London while PMB was sick revealed. The list goes on.

The biggest ‘gate’ so far is the…drums roll please…the Jamb-N36million-gate. This ‘gate’ is even spiritual. A housemaid, reportedly confessed she connived with her mistress’s colleague in the office to have, spiritually, stolen N36M with or through a snake. Yes. We can go to any extent to get money; and now, we are going spiritual.

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Let me predict, there’d be new gates with ‘spiritual’ ingredients, but they won’t last because it sounds dumb even to spiritual beings. Madness.

Onyekere Ifeanyi Mandela is a graduate of Mass communication, University of Nigeria (UNN), in Enugu State. He is a political analyst as well as an entrepreneur who believes in team work.




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