Smart phones, Internet: Havens of limitless opportunities for the wise

By Promise Akabudu and Chiamaka Ajeamo.

According to a recent report, there are 94.8 million internet users in Nigeria which puts Nigeria on the 8th position in the internet usage global ranking.

About 75% of this number makes use of Social Media while over 16 million people are active Facebook users. The percentage of youths in Nigeria nears about 43% of the over 180 million people. Yet, the same youths who use the internet the most seem to be the most ignorant.

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We live in a digital age, unarguably. There is so much information, vast knowledge. Wells of it, that seem so inexhaustible. Depths of wisdom, waiting to be dug. Heights of understanding, begging to be climbed.

“We live in a digital age, unarguably. There is so much information, vast knowledge. Wells of it, that seem so inexhaustible. Depths of wisdom, waiting to be dug. Heights of understanding, begging to be climbed.”

Unfortunately, everything is almost a grim irony. Despite the fact we are in the internet age where there is an avalanche of information at our finger tips, there are millions of not-so-smart smartphone users mostly found among youths.

If you think this is an exaggeration, how about you try holding conversations with couple of average Nigerian youths, randomly, and make your deductions? You might be torn in between laughing out of sheer unbelief, amusement or crying out of total disappointment and shock of how little they know even with the gift of the internet.

Do not let us even get started on the battle as regards the intelligence of sexes. While some males would rather waste the days of their lives on football, clubs, sex-related matters and video games, some ladies will rather spend their existence on make-up and unprofitable beauty ventures. Well, maybe it does profit them. “Use what you have to get what you want” has become the trend right? Apologies to the feminists.

What is it with ladies and make up these days though? Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a well made-up lady with lush hair who is attractive in and out. Nothing wrong. In fact, that is the dream of all.

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What we however cannot seem to wrap up is the insatiable quest for beauty and beauty products without a commensurate mental investment. Why?

Frivolities over certifications. Snapchat flowers over Google scholar. 250,000 naira weave-ons or extensions over 2,500 books. Beauty struggling with brains. How pathetic!

The influx of more ladies into the “beauty” industry makes it look like the new oil sector.

“I make money with my physique and facial attributes and it does not really matter if I’m smart or not they say”.

So you see someone grinding it out in the gym day and night so as to achieve a particular body shape; great butts, large hips, six packs, strong abs and the likes.

What use is their great physique when they will eventually be floored on the alter of knowledge and they embarrass themselves by their ignorance just at the brink of hitting the spotlight. Of course your village people take the blame as always. How saddening!

The patriarchy of some men is not helping matters either. Most men will say “I am the sole breadwinner and my wife must not do anything but take care of the house and the babies”. It is even worse that some ladies are not ready to free themselves from the grip of mediocrity.

Sampling opinions of lots of ladies born and bred in the eastern part of the country brings tears to the eyes as it simultaneously enrages.

Bride price has become the new net worth. The more the children, girls of course, the more the achievement. Every girl child born is an investment from back to back.

Sadly, in lots of cases, there is a sole breadwinner, the husband. It hence becomes no rare sight that families are suddenly reduced from grace to grass when the head is no more.

Wisdom is not gender-specific. Deep beckons and calls unto deep. Liability should never be the adjective of anyone.

Stand, develop and grow so tall that all who come to you will leave with a piece of you in them.

Read and acquire knowledge, add to your existing knowledge bank, learn a skill, add to existing ones it doesn’t cost much.

There are countless things you can do with your smart phone aside chatting and playing candy crush.

Go for knowledge, ignorance is costlier

Be wise, be brainy, be informed, be a better you!

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