“Stop waiting for the perfect moment to strike…” How to Make Your Purpose Count (6)

“The fastest means to success is purpose”

By Sunday Orodiran

We don’t have to wait for life to give us what we need, we have to take our fight to life. I observed recently that a lot of people are waiting for perfect moments to strike. They want the convenient time to sow, to explore and to invest. Many wait like that until they become demoralized and end their lives in abject failure. Nothing in life comes to you, you go for whatever you want. It’s natural that everyone will want to enjoy all the goodies in their comfort zones. But things don’t work that way in the reality, you must take a move, stand from your seat and give it a trial. That talent you have, insert it into life and play what is on it. That dream of yours, start acting on it and make it a realistic one. That vision needs just a bold attempt, give it a chance.

Many of us like to wait because of our fear of failure. But if you don’t fail in life you can’t rise. You have to attempt to fail in order to get it right. Don’t let fear of the unknown envelop your life, take it serious and make your life better. The serious malady is that you don’t actually lose anything if you try but you can lose all for not trying. Don’t be a waiter, don’t say you will do it when it’s better, don’t take it later, do it now, take it now, now is the best time. God bless you.

It’s natural that everyone will want to enjoy all the goodies in their comfort zones. But things don’t work that way in the reality, you must take a move, stand from your seat and give it a trial.

Today we are glad to continue from where we stopped in our last edition: Make Your Time Count. And in this chapter we have been considering the topic: Make Your Purpose Count. If you have missed any of our previous messages and you are keen to benefit from them, just kindly get in touch with us through our contact details and we shall attend to you in a jiffy.

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Don’t forget we are on how to identify our purpose:

3.Look for the Quality You Enjoy Expressing the Most:

The simplicity of our life lies in the fact that we all have one or more qualities we love expressing every time. These qualities come easy to us and we enjoy doing them. I read about Mother Teresa, I understood that what made it easier for her to do what she did was actually the fact that she loved beyond nomenclature, this quality was part of her life. This helped her to go ahead in expressing her quality. Also, Nelson Mandela became a hero because of his high tendency to love and forgive. He loved his people and preferred to be jailed to make them better.

The same way, there is something you like doing. It may be love, joy, peace, forgiveness and a lot more. You just have one that speaks volume about you. Look for yours, this is a signal to your purpose in life. The ultimate fulfilment comes when you do what gives you joy. You have to pursue it and make sure you enjoy it.

Another question you have to raise is how do you express this quality? You have to look for a way to express what you love doing. Get a platform to exercise what you enjoy. Mother Teresa did hers through charity. I love inspiring people and motivating them to get better, that is mine. Find your own expression for the quality you enjoy most. I have discovered that one of the key factors that contribute to depression is not expressing what you enjoy most. Many people have a lot to express but they don’t get avenue to do so. I want you to know this, you may not have avenue to do that until you create one for yourself. Try it, go out of your cell and be in your best expression. The world is waiting for your manifestation.

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