Meet Sonelal, the Indian man who chews off snake’s head as a revenge for biting him

His was a mission driven by one thing: revenge. Snakebites are usual occurrences across the world, especially in rural areas, but on Wednesday, the issue became unusual.

A farmer in northern India, simply identified as Sonelal had reportedly chewed off a snake’s head as a revenge after he was bitten earlier by the snake.

The incident reportedly took place in Uttar Pradesh state’s Hardoi district at the weekend.

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Narrating how the incident happened, the man explained that he was grazing his cattle in the fields when the snake bit him.

Angered by the development, the man had reportedly bitten off the snake’s head as a revenge.

“The snake bit me, so I held its head and chewed it off, it died, then I brought it back to the village. I tore off its head again,’’ Sonelal was quoted as saying by ANI news agency.

Medical investigations carried out on the man’s body shortly after the incident, revealed that he was unscathed.

Sanjay Kumar, a doctor who treated him after the incident expressed shock over how he survived the deadly encounter, noting that he had never seen such in the past.

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“I’ve never seen such a case in my life. The man was all right even after biting a snake,’’ Kumar was quoted as saying.

Eyewitness sources suspected the man was addicted to drugs, for him to have survived.

The country’s local media said that the doctors failed to find any marks of snakebite on his body.


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