The true essence of wealth…My Lamba Diary (12)

 The true essence of wealth…My Lamba Diary (12)
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By Ikenna Amadi

‘Do not appear rich but be rich’ Nwokoye chinenye

I heard this statement from a right-thinking fellow and I was struck at the wisdom that exudes therein.

In our society today, where flamboyance seem to be the order of the day, with people competing on who have the best designer wears, and flashy cars and one wonders if actually that is the true essence of wealth.

The likes of Mark Zukerberg, Warren Buffet and even Bill Gates are extremely rich individuals whose simplicity stuns me at their show of humility.  These are wealthy men who do not see essence in flashing material things that they could easily get by just showing want.

In our society today, we see people who are centuries away from the wealth acrued by these moguls and still they flash off, telling people that they are rich.

In life, there is no point telling people your economic status, but rather, your status will speak for you. We should all strive to be wealthy and not look wealthy because that is the essence of true wealth.

Wealth should not come with flambouyance but rather simplicity as people judge you by your worth and not what you want them to perceive.

Check the World’s richest men, they make their wealth quietly.

Think about it .



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